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Custom financial guidance so you can enjoy today and have peace of mind for tomorrow.

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Our Founder’s Vision

Have you ever wished you could have a clear and concise picture of your finances and know exactly what steps you need to take to reach your financial goals?

At SharpEdge Financial, we can help you with that. Our founder Joel Chouinard’s vision is to ensure that his clients have complete clarity and peace of mind about their financial plan. Nowadays, people can access retirement accounts, credit cards, and even mortgage information with just a few clicks. Although convenient, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all your assets and liabilities, which makes goal setting and monitoring more challenging. In our practice, we first discuss your goals and concerns. Then, we use a cutting-edge software to create a custom plan that you can monitor in real-time in one convenient place.

Lifelong Partnership

Our team is here for you in every phase of your financial journey. We provide hands-on support to help you develop and implement your strategies, and we are available to answer questions and offer guidance whenever you need us.

Transparent Guidance

We work for you. We use a fee-based planning approach, which ensures that your needs are placed first and foremost. Learn more here.


We use eMoney, a cutting-edge software that helps you see all your assets and liabilities in one simple snapshot, to help you track your goals in real-time. Learn more here.

Our Expertise

Our custom financial solutions help you protect the life you’ve built and create a secure, meaningful future. Whether you’re looking for a specific service or you need comprehensive support, we’ll work with you to identify the best resources to help you accomplish your goals.